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Are you leaving the Naval Service?

How we can help

Members will give you all the guidance and support you need – whether it’s worries about resettling in civvy street, financial concerns, personal welfare matters or looking at job options and how to make the most of your skills for the future. If you have a family, we offer support to them too, and we will make sure you know how to access all the services available in your local community, such as health services and housing.

Meet up with shipmates

Just like you, we take great pride in the time we've spent in the Naval Service. Because we know what it’s like to go back into civilian life, we are in a great position to help you make the most out of your new life and make you feel at home in your local community. As well as getting practical and welfare advice, you will meet lots of like-minded people at our social events, or you can just pop in for a quiet chat with a fellow shipmate. At the RNA you’ll always meet a friendly face who talks your language.
Whether we are catching up with friends at our regular social events; fund raising; advising on welfare and employment matters, or just providing an arm around the shoulder, our natural willingness to help others stems from the tradition and camaraderie that only Naval Service life can instil. Everything we do is inextricably linked to our core values:

Our core values:


Shared backgrounds and equality in rank. We share the same bonds, the same mindset, and even the same language (Jackspeak!). We are all equal. We are the heart and soul of the RNA.


To each other and our dependants. We will always support and look out for each other. Our loyalty is to all our shipmates, our local communities, the personnel and dependants of the Naval Service, along with other charities or organisations with naval connections.


We are proud to serve and proud to represent our country and the Naval Service. Our pride in serving our country never leaves us. Nor do we forget those who have fallen for our country or who fight now. We are deeply honoured to represent them on both a national and international level.


Friends in fun, fellowship and need. Your shipmates will always be here for you, whether it's about a job, ideas for a fun day out or just an arm around the shoulder. We will never leave you or your dependants in despair.

Our committee

Chairman Shipmate Kevin Rowan chairman@rnar.org.uk
Vice Chairman
Shipmate  Rob John vicechairman@rnar.org.uk
Secretary Shipmate Graham Warner. secretary@rnar.org.uk
Treasurer Shipmate Cath John. treasurer@rnar.org.uk
Standard Barer Shipmate Rob Crandon.   
Welfare Officer
Jim Stewart welfare@rnar.org.uk
Branch Padre Fr Phillip Leyshon pleyshon3@sky.com

Our Members 

Shipmate Anthony Blake Shipmate Les Bryant
Shipmate Adrienne Hodder
Shipmate Robert John
Shipmate Julie Gower Shipmate Meirion John
Shipmate Jack Lewis Shipmate Pauline Lewis Father Philip Leyshon - Branch Padre
Shipmate Dale McCallum Shipmate David Morgan
Shipmate Lee Richards
Shipmate Nigel Owen Shipmate Jim Stewart Shipmate Colin Thomas
Shipmate Keith Thomas Shipmate Garry Walker